Concept + Embodiment Design

In an era of reform to sustainable sources of energy, innovative solutions should be found. Solar panels use the top surfaces of buildings. The larger side surface of buildings, mostly made out of glass, creates a great potential.

For the YesDelft start-up Physee, we designed the next energy generating window for their roadmap.

Awaiting the efficiency improvement of the energy generating window, it is more feasible to store the energy near the source. The energy can be used by office employees to charge devices.

Furthermore, the inside environment is improved by dynamic shading the window. It optimises visual comfort and temperature in the inside environment. The SmartWindow is a standalone solution because of the SmartHub. This avoids wiring costs in both energy generating- as dynamic shading windows.

The convex shape visually breaks loose from the rectangular window frames. The shape is inspired by other products that define our vision on energy-containing products.